The right system

Unlike other traditional biological systems, the biofilm reactor is already equipped with a fully efficient biology. This is one of the outstanding differences with other biological systems that do not offer these properties. It also requires much less space, even for larger ponds. The illustrations in the examples may be helpful to you to determine the space required for your own pond.

The low space requirement allows also for small ponds with little space a complete biological water treatment, thus making the volume fraction of about 10% of the entire pond for the biological treatment obsolete. A biofilm reactor volume of approx. 150 liters is sufficient for a pond of about 20 m3 containing normal fish population. In a traditional calculation, a chamber filter system of about 2,000 liters would be required, which is of course very expensive and requires much space.

The biofilmreactor is not off-the-shelf

To clarify which biofilmreactor you need, for example what shape and size, a personal contact between you and us is necessary (phone number and email in Contacts). With the help of just some data we can quickly provide you with details about the size and price of the biofilmreactor. We do this only if you have conveyed your name and address to us.


Basically, the PE type, i.e. the pump version, is more expensive than the version driven by force of gravity. Cases made of PE are built and welded by reliable specialists in Dortmund. The biofilm, developed for your own pond, will be integrated in this case and then connected to the water cycle of your pond. After approximately just one day in operation in the water cycle, the biofilm has an immediate effect of about 75%. This percentage is, of course, dependent on the water temperature and density of population. The biofilmreactor will achieve its full potential in about 3 weeks. At the same time, nitrification and denitrification will generally appear, i.e., a closed nitrogen cycle. This will significantly reduce the number of water changes, which otherwise are continuously required, because a natural biological equilibrium will appear in terms of both quantity and quality.

 To ensure you will obtain the appropriate microbiological system for the development of the biofilm, please send us 5 to 10 liters of your pond water. This will do to make sure that all kinds of microorganisms are present in your pond for the development of the biofilm. The development will take approx. 4 to 7 days. Then the biofilm will be fit and the biofilmreactor can be installed. You will have to notify us in advance as to what kind of junctions and reductions are required. The appropriate connections will then be attached.

 The delivery of the biofilmreactor can be conducted by us or in the manner as previously arranged. The connection to your system can be done by yourself or authorized persons.