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Biofilmreactors for industrial applications

Problems with water occur in all sectors. Therefore, an efficient water treatment technology is required almost everywhere. The biofilmreactor has taken also this hurdle and is used in industrial water treatment systems. By a new combination of the biofilmreactor with other proven methods, the use of chemical additives and toxic biocides is obsolete in cooling water treatment.

For more information about the procedure, see disclosure of patent WO002011045071A3 and

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Photo: Biofilmreactors (black, PE, Ø 225 mm) integrated into a system for chemical-free cooling water treatment.


Photo: Biofilmreactor for cooling water treatment in a steel mill, installed in 2010.


Photo: Biofilmreactor for cooling water treatment in a plastics processing plant.


Some references where the biofilmreactor is used for water treatment in a cooling tower:

V&M Tubes - Vallourec & Mannesmann, Düsseldorf – installed in February 2010

Poli Film, Wipperfürth – installed in March 2011

Pilkington Deutschland, Gelsenkirchen – installed in April 2011

ThyssenKrupp, Unna – installed in November 2011