For swimming ponds - biopools

The use of biofilmreactors in swimming ponds - biopools

New pond - the winner

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At GalaBau 2016, the pond shown here received the Water Creation Award from Oase. The prize went to the planner of the pond, Marcin Gasiorowski, as the overall winner. This pond also has a biofilm recorder for biological water treatment - as the following illustrations showThe total water surface is approx. 120 sqm, the water volume approx. 100 cbm, with a maximum water depth of 180 cm. After a mechanical filter chamber - under the wooden deck - the biofilm reactor is flowed on - 5x1 m d200 KG2000 pipe with a surface on the inlays of approx. 8000 sqm located in the pipes. This surface was already equipped with an adapted biofilm at the start.

The following picture shows the "carcass":

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The filter chamber is located at the cottage, under the wooden cover - then the biofilm reactor (green tube) can be seen. The biofilm reactor ensures a biological balance in the ecosystem of the pond through the active biofilm already applied in advance.

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A pond design professionally oriented to the wishes of the customer with an ecologically and sustainably oriented water treatment adapted to the water wishes of the customer and a suitable illumination lead to the results shown in the illustration.

Biopool - new building

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New construction, new swimming pond - biopool - in Borken - approx. 50 cbm; conventional water treatment with mats and brushes - then the biofilm reactor with 4x1 m d200. all of high quality and installed under the wooden coverThe result is excellent water quality - even the summer with tropical temperatures could not change this. No algae - no water turbidity.


tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 8a Borken.jpg

The view into the filter chamber - in the grey tubes the biofilm reactor with inlays covered with biofilm, which has taken over the biological water treatment for the water in the biopool.
The following pictures show the swimming pond as everyone would like it to be:

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 1a Borken.jpg

The result is excellent water quality - even the summer with tropical temperatures could not change this. No algae - no water turbidity.

The following pictures show the swimming pond as everyone would like it to be:

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 2 Borken.jpeg

The water invites you to swim - without annoying and allergenic chemical ingredients.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 4 Borken.jpeg

The pond and the quality of the water convey a Mediterranean flair.


tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 7a Borken.jpg

The water quality and the flair of the biopool is enhanced by the right lighting in the dark.

Swimming pond - new plant

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/IMG_1999.jpgVery attractive swimming pond in Düsseldorf - water volume 350 cbm, with brook course


Filter chamber under the wooden cover, front


Water cleaning with biofilm reactor in filter chamber - 6x1 m, d250, KG2000 pipe (green pipe) - after drum filter; throughput ≥ 100 cbm/h

Lake with approx. 1000 cbm - in Yesil Yaka Park Istanbul - client FLUIDRA


Lake with approx. 1000 cbm in Istanbul. The water treatment is carried out with drum filters and biofilm reclaimers. These are installed on the picture above under the wooden deck. The picture below shows this filter chamber.


Two drum filters with a throughput of approx. 160 cbm/h. Behind each one biofilm reactor with d250 and 4 meters length - green KG2000 tube - surface in the tubes of approx. 25,000 qm - which have already been delivered with active biofilm.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 3 Rohbau mit Bachlauf.jpg

The plant in the "shell" - without water seen from the upper brook course.

Lake in Gaziantep (Türkei) mit 5000 cbm


Pond plant in Gaziantep (Turkey) with 5000 cbm water volume - biological water treatment by four biofilm reactors and drum filters - client Fluidra - film about it on youtube


Four biofilm reactors, each with 3x1 meters, 400 KG-pipe and together with more than 50.000 m2 growing surface covered with biofilm in advance. Throughput with approx. 600 cbm/h.


Piping of the biofilm reactors after drum filter (to be seen above).


The excellent and sustainable technology shows the water in its natural beauty.

New plant

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 1 Dilger.JPG

New construction of a swimming pond with approx. 100 cbm water volume. For water treatment first a chamber filter (cassette filter and mats) as mechanical pre-filter. Then the biofilm reactor with 4x1 m d200 KG200 pipe. In the tubes the inlays with a surface already covered with biofilm of approx. 6400 qm (these correspond to approx. 8 cbm gravel - thus a filter chamber of 4x2x1 m LxBxT !!).

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 2 Dilger.JPG

The complete filter system is still covered with wood. The wooden top then serves for the use of deck chairs, umbrellas, etc.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 3 Dilger.JPG

As with all swimming ponds, good and skilful piping is of course necessary.

Swimming pond renovation

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Swimming pond of 125 m3 ; family Heinz L. in Rheinbreitbach near Drachenfels; Rhine.


Photo: Biofilmreactor behind sandfiler for a swimming pond (above), 4 x 1 m, KG2000 tube (Ø 200 mm) with attachments and additional stabilization in a metal frame, installed since 2007.

Swimming pond renovation

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 1 Wuensch.jpg

Swimming pond with a water volume of approx. 110 cbm. The customer was naturally dissatisfied with the development of algae. In addition to the chamber filter with filter bags, a biofilm reactor was installed at the bottom of the chamber filter in the course of cleaning this filter.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 1a Wuensch.jpg

The previous chamber filter had to be cleaned.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 3a Wuensch.jpg

The cleaned bags of gravel from the filter chamber are lying on the meadow.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 2 Wuensch.jpg

A biofilm reactor was installed on the bottom of the filter chamber in the return line to the pond.

tl_files/biofilmreaktor1/img/content/galerie/schwimmteich/Abbildung 3 Wuensch.jpg

The installation of the biofilm reactor led to a significant increase in the biological degradation capacity of the pond water. This in turn withdraws the nutrients from potential algae and these remain out. The customer is rid of the algae and can fully enjoy his swimming pond again.

New swimming pond construction


Swimming pond (about 100 cbm) of family G., from Trippstadt; water treatment with biofilmreactor in the filter dig under the wooden cover.


swimming pond restauration


Swimming pool, about 120 cbm, water treatment with biofilmreactor (lying black tubes - 4 x 1 m; diameter 225 mm), behind endless belt filter in the filter ditch.